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Hello friends/family,

You may have noticed that the venue for the wedding has changed. Due to poor management at the previous venue, we have decided it would be best to host our wedding at our new house! Why not? We love it here and we would love for all of you to see it!

We have put together this site to help you navigate the festivities, but of course if you have any questions please just get in touch with one of us!


24 Lyric Springs Road Charlotte TN 37036 will not come up on GPS. Google maps will not get you to us. Google maps will get you to Lyric Springs Road. From there, follow Lyric Springs up the hill, stay to the right of the pond, don't turn left toward the blue house, stay to the right of the brick house, park near the teal blue cabin or the shipping container, the area across from the shipping container, or at 20 Lyric Springs. There are signs just past the cabin pointing to the right directing you to 20 and 24. There will be additional signs guiding you where to go. If you need assistance getting up the hill from the parking area someone can come get you. 

The ceremony is at 11am. We will have a reception afterward. The reception will not be the typical wedding situation. We will not be doing traditional dances, bouquet tosses, toasts, cake cutting, etc. Think more family style cookout. We will have yard games to play, music, a fire in the fire pit, etc. Our neighbor has a great pond we can all go fishing at (without a license) as well. We will provide some alcoholic beverages at the wedding but we suggest bringing your own. Beer can be purchased at grocery stores and gas stations, wine and liquor must be purchased at liquor stores. Sunday is the only day that liquor stores are closed around here. 

September weather is unpredictable in middle Tennessee. It could be 90, it could be 60. It could be sunny, it could rain. We will be mostly outside. The house will be open for touring (if you’d like to see it), bathroom use, or soaking up the AC and relaxing if you need to. If it rains we’ll be mostly under the carport. One thing is for certain, regardless of the temperature, Tennessee is buggy. We will have bug spray but just so you are prepared it is buggy. 


Yes, yes, nope! Children are super welcome so are your dogs! Provided that they all behave and don’t destroy things, this is our home.

Please don’t bring gifts. If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, here's a great place for it! Your presence at the wedding means more to us than anything!


As all of you know, we are expecting a baby in August! The wedding will be the first opportunity for most of you to meet the little dude! We are so excited! We also really need to keep this little guy as safe as possible so please try to observe the following suggestions:

  • If you’ve traveled via airplane to get to the wedding or if you have been around a lot of people unmasked, please take a COVID test prior to the wedding or being close to the baby
  • Please don’t kiss the baby

  • If you’ve had enough to drink that driving would be a bad idea, please don’t hold the baby.


We will not have a wedding photographer. Please take as many photos as you wish and share them to our google album


The closest “city” to Charlotte is Dickson. There are plenty of hotels off the interstate in Dickson. Dickson also has plenty of restaurants. Dickson is 20-30 minutes from us. 

Nashville has hundreds of places to stay and tons of food options as well! Nashville is an hour drive from us. 

Before (bachelor/bachelorette) and after (let’s keep hanging out):

Wednesday: (weather permitting)

BettyAnn invites anyone who would like to join her and the baby to spend the afternoon at Cheekwood Botanical gardens. She’ll drive, seats in the mini-van will be limited so reach out asap if you’d like to join. Tickets are available in advance through their website or can be purchased in person (we'll be doing to garden tour, not the mansion). The plan is to meet at 16 Lyric Springs Road Charlotte TN 37036, leave around 11:00am to get there by 12:00pm, walk the gardens, have lunch at the cafe, and head back to Charlotte by 3:00pm. If you would like to join but prefer to drive yourself, that's great too!!! 

Tyler invites anyone who would like to join him to spend the afternoon at Top Golf. Anyone wanting to go with Tyler to Top Golf please get in touch with one of us for more details. 


Friday: (weather permitting)

Pizza party at the park! We want to keep the party going. We don’t get to see most of you often enough and we’d love to spend more time with you. We’re going to bring pizza for lunch to Montgomery Bell. We’ll set up a tent near the swimming area, bring pizza, and hang out some more. Montgomery Bell has 3 lakes that can be fished (you have to get a license through TWRA), hiking trails, a swimming area, and beautiful sites to see. 

Other stuff to-do in the area:

If you are staying longer or just get tired of us and want other things to-do, here are some other activities/sites in the greater Nashville area:

Nashville zoo

The Parthenon

The Frist

The Hermitage


Riverboat- General Jackson

Tons of State parks!

Zip lining

Water park

Kayaking and Canoeing


Lower Broadway

Escape rooms

Go carts and mini golf

Nashville tours

Nashville has tons of restaurants and bars

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